To Dance Like an Angel

Where art Thou, Maker,
whose plan so divine,
Passes souls through beings,
Worlds connected, yet in line,

Like parallel beams
Whose vectors define
Alike and yet separate
One point in kind.

So that one passes not
Through the eye of this seasoned mind
From one world to the next
Except through death-defined.

To dance like an angel
And search for the best
That each has to offer
Every moment a test.

My mother, my father,
So quiet, yet here,
Your gentle arms guide me
With courage. No fear.

My brothers, my loved ones,
Art thou yet present?
A call and no answer,
A lifetime spent.

With losses and feelings,
That play to the end,
Again and again
To change and amend.

The angels yet whisper
“Another chance” in my ear,
A divine inspiration
An opportunity here.

Move softly now,
Your weight is yet heavy,
To tread the angel’s path…
To be poised and ready

Like the dart of an indian
whose respect for the land
Leaves the gentlest trace
Of a healing hand.

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