Starter reassembled and passes bench test with flying colors!!!

Getting up and running.

I put the starter back together. There were a couple of tricky points: first, getting the solenoid in the right orientation is important. I kind of got it wrong by 180 degrees and had to do it over at the autoparts shop because I was wrong about there not being any electrical coupling between the 2 sides. There is, and the lead from the motor to the solenoid has to connect to the short hot copper bolt. It only reaches in one of the 2 180 degree orientations – the one with the ground away from the motor. The 2nd kind of tricky part is getting all of the brushes in at the same time to put the drive in. They are inserted into the 4 copper pieces which have springs pushing them back out, so only when the drive is in place do they sit (with tension) against the rotating piece. It’s a little tricky but not impossible for one person to put everything together. Later, at the autoparts store, as I took everything apart again to reorient the solenoid, a guy named Sam helped me to get the solenoid into the bell housing without a C-clamp (he was strong enough). So, after reassembling everything twice, they benchtested it for free at O’Reilly’s. And it passed with flying colors!!!

So, now that that is settled (phew!!!sigh of relief that the starter works!), I still have to work on getting the broken bolt out. I spent a couple of hours underneath the truck drilling today, without much progress. But I’m not complaining…I have medicine, and the starter works!

Daily log:
1) You spent 90 minutes at the dog park with the dogs. Too depressed to train.
2) You spent 3 hours getting insulin and testing it to make sure that it worked. Relief.
3) You spent 2 hours and 17 minutes drilling, resoldering the leads, and reassembling the starter. A lot of frustration with lack of progress, and then some pride in being able to get everything back together again.
4) You spent 1 hour and 50 minutes riding your bike to the autoparts store with the dogs to test the starter, and getting groceries. Joy! A problem solved!
5) You spent 2 hours doing laundry. It’s amazing what feeling overwhelmed and helpless does to a place…There’s a lot of housekeeping to do.

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