Moved out this morning. Lots of pics of the place. I think I left it squeaky clean.

Vacuumed (including corners and edges, behind the chair, and under the cushions). Surfaces cleaned and wiped. Sheets removed.

Microwave and fridge scrubbed and cleaned with COMET.

Bathroom floor and bathtub scrubbed on my knees with comet. Toilet scrubbed. Mirrors cleaned. Sink also cleaned, but was draining poorly. I cleaned the trap, but in the end had to use a Zip-it to clear the internal drain so that water drained properly. Rehung the shower curtain properly.

Spent the afternoon working on the truck. Tapped out the end of the hole in the block for a thicker but shorter bolt,

and then used the tap on the holes in the bellhousing to widen them for a bigger bolt. Tapping at various angles, repeatedly, until the bolt passed without the threads grabbing.

Stopped for the dedication of the dog park to give the dogs some time out. A little bulldog puppy wants my dogwalking job!!!

In the end, after a lot of work, I put the starter back in, but wasn’t able to align the bolt perfectly. I went back to the old bolt, and with the new threads in there, it held well enough to start. So, I’m on the road…

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