Three Days of Urgency

A little urgency
Today, is my last paid day at the hotel. So, decisions have to be made. I did a preliminary analysis this morning, placing items that required immediate attention in one category, and those that I would like to solve in another. Triage. Blood pressure is still high this morning, I will test again this afternoon.

Immediate Attention Required
1. find place to stay
2. clean truck (this involves finding a local recycling station and starting the truck up to get there)
3. exercise
4. money needs

Problems that it would be really nice if they could be solved.

compile sonic-visualiser on linux
get microphone
car repair (brakes, oil change, eventual starter)
assess health using sv software
get training treats
understanding heart problems a little better.
weight on me and dogs.

Working on problem 1 in the Urgent category…I have broken down my options into the following pretty complete assessment:

1. stay in truck
2. tent and no rent
Verified today that the tent that I pulled out of a trashcan does indeed set up. It is clean, no tears, only a pole that has been mended with duct tape. Works fine, but would need a outdoor trolley ($17) for the dogs during the day. Nice tent.
3. tent on campground
Campground must be dog-friendly, and bear-dog interactions must be carefully considered.
4. cabin on campground
5. buy property and pitch tent or camper
ebay listings in PA
6. rent pop up camper at campground
7. find room for rent,
sublets, 1, 2,3
8. hotel
9. visit friend (may require persuasion).

Someone wrote me asking me why I came here. I guess the reasons were multiple:
1. I had problems getting insulin and wanted to be closer to people I know who might be able to help me.
2. This is not too far from some research that I wanted to do for the book I am writing.
3. It is someplace new to explore.
4. It is not too hot.

Daily log:
1. You spent 47 min. to define goals and priorities in current crisis.
2. You spent 49 min. to walk dogs over to Exxon, pick up oil for oil change and dog treats. Training sit, and heal.
3. You spent 2 hours and 53 min. to look for a place to stay, find the local recycling center, setup and take down tent to test it.
4. You spent 3 hours to futily ride bike 6 miles with dogs to various vets to try to get one to weigh my dogs and/or listen to their heart with a stethoscope. The good news is that my blood pressure reading after this dropped to 133/69 although my pulse is still 116. I ended up getting a scale at Walmart for $8. Petey weighs 42 pounds on this scale, Spin weighs 45 pounds. And I am heavier than I have ever been in my life with a BMI of 44. This puts me well into the pink zone. A lot of the weight problem is anger-related. It is not an eating disorder, because if you remove the social influences that provoke/distress me, I self-regulate just fine.
5. You spent 35 min. to change oil and filter on truck. Mileage reads 129114.

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