Three More Days

Buying some more time (internet has really slowed down, and all of my editing is being redirected so that I have to do it over and over and over again – it is wasting my time, and violates my right to express myself).

Someone infused $200 into this situation. So, I went to Walmart to pick up the moneygram, and also took out a money order (R203354754845) to send $20 to the starving children in Somalia. It hurts to be this close to living day-to-day and have to see pictures of children starving in the horn of Africa. I know from my own experiences with dogs, that there is very little that compares to the anger that one feels when a system that has resources allows one’s children to suffer and starve. It may not be a lot, maybe not enough, but maybe it can help someone. To do nothing nags my conscience.

I measured my blood pressure this morning and the systolic was again high (159/75) and heart rate 106. I skipped breakfast (and coffee) this morning, and am switching over to more green tea drinks. Although I try not to eat too much meat, it is useful for training the dogs, so this morning, instead of hot dog treats, I used low fat turkey breast. It was $3 instead of 75 cents, which seems pretty extravagant. Otherwise, I used a little of the money for 3 more days at the hotel.

I finally got the heart auscultations to work on all of us with the better stethoscope and headphones. You can’t use the one attached to the blood pressure cuff for the readings, but the stand-alone Lumiscope (dual frequency $14.95) works well and has the flexible ear pieces. Also, the universal all-in-one stereo headset from GE ($20) works. One has to plug in both the headphone jack (green) and the mike jack (orange), and then use some pliers to break the plastic on the microphone piece to extract the transducer. Then, put the transducer (with some effort) directly into one of the stethoscope ear pieces, and listen with the other ear piece, and begin to record when it sounds right. I took one minute recordings, converted the files into .wav files, then read them into sonic_visualizer, screen capture using shift-PRtSc, and then pasted into paint, crop, and save as jpg. Then cropped again in windows picture viewer. Spin’s heartrate=63 bpm Petey’s heartrate=77 bpm My heartrate=108 bpm
Daily log:
1) You spent 33 minutes to pick up room, take out trash, wipe counters, make bed, and vacuum.
2) You spent 64 minutes to ride bike with dogs over to store to get money practicing come with treats at the store (1 mile round trip).
3) You spent 30 minutes getting money, and paying for the room at the hotel, getting money order, finding charity, and addressing and mailing an envelope for the famine in Somalia.
4) You spent 2 hours figuring out how to record from a microphone using sound recorder launched from “get help” on windows 7. This produced a wma file. I downloaded conversion software to make a wav file because sonic visualizer cannot read wma files. After conversion, everything worked fine, but could not couple stethoscope hardware to microphone. Need better stethoscope.
5. You spent 21 minutes doing kettleball thrusts and squat thrusts. I used a old Chevy Silverado palladium P3553MS Reman starter, given to me by Ryan in Ohio when I broke down, for the kettleball. I think it weighs about 15 pounds. The spacing of the holes on the bellhousing is different from the starter I have, and the solenoid is a little bigger, but the bendix is the same. It would mean precision drilling other holes in the block to put it in, or swapping the internal drive with the damaged one that I have. But it doesn’t have the secondary circuit that the other one does. Food for thought… The squat thrusts were very problematic for me, and I used my knees. But I broke a sweat…
6. You spent 71 minutes to sort and remove 2 grocery carts worth of recyclables from the truck.
7. You spent 65 minutes to bike over to Walmart with the dogs and get a stethoscope that will work with the headphones you have. Blood pressure 8:45pm was 152/74 HR 105.
8. You spent 2 hours to insert microphone in stethoscope, and record heart auscultations on Petey, Spin, and yourself, and post/process results.

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