Plan A, B, C, D, etc.

Trying to concentrate on formulating some plans for tomorrow.
Budget assessment: $55 remains.

Plan A. Stay in truck. Requires cleaning cab, and finding place where I could get help to start the truck again. Truckstop.

Plan B. Stay in hotel until puppies are born, offering support. Maybe try to find a 2 bedroom cabin for all of us at a park. The pregnant dog needs privacy. Also the human parents smoke like chimneys. Might be able to write in this situation.

Plan C. Find a campground with campsite that takes dogs.

Campground Tent site Cabin
Promised Land SP tents cabins $x
Tobyhanna SP
Lackawanna SP
Lehigh Gorge SP
Gouldsboro SP
Ricketts Glen SP
Hickory Run SP
Frances Slocum SP
Kooser SP
Cowan’s Gap SP
Chapman SP
Poe Valley SP
Pymatuning SP
Prince Gallitzin SP
Would need to consider wifi and food/supply issues. And also tick treatment and a trolley for the dogs ($18).

Campgrounds with cabins that accept dogs in PA. Other PA state campgrounds with pet designated areas.

Local private campgrounds. Might be able to write and explore in this situation.

Plan D.
Plan a longer walking or biking trip across PA, starting in Erie, moving over to allegheny national forest, then down to Pittsburgh, over to Gettysburg (give up bike) and then up the appalachian trail to Hawk mountain, then down to Philadelphia.
this would be good for my health and adventurous. It would postpone writing for a while. I would have to find a place to park the truck (maybe storage at a state park $16/wk). Also, I would have to ask a friend if she would be willing to watch Petey and or Spin because I would not subject Petey to this kind of a trip again. Would need new dog companions for the trip. Spin might enjoy it. Only one person I trust to care for my dog and she lives in Massachusetts. Petey requires daily exercise for his health. Spin gets along really well with her dog. Would require new battery for camera LI-42B

Plan E. Sublet.

Daily Log:
1. You spent 4 hours looking at maps, campgrounds, rentals, etc.
2. You spent 1 hour and 40 min. to bike with the dogs to the store measuring your blood pressure there:
upon arrival: 151/72 hr 111
after walking around for a while: 124/58 hr 104
Dogs were let off leash for about 25 min. during this trip.
3. Spent $6 to get 2 new thermometers: one for the pregnant dog, and one for the babies when they are born. Measurement of pregnant dog’s temperature at 5:15 was 100.4F. Temperature will drop into the 90’s about 12 hours before she gives birth.
4. You spent 59 minutes cleaning the cab of pickup.
5. You spent 28 minutes caring for dogs: clipping toe nails, inspecting skin for ticks, inspecting eyes, ears, brushing teeth, and removing plaque.
6. You spent 19 minutes to do a 8 rep countdown kettleball squat thrust workout.

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