Expecting more.
On the road again. I opted for some mix between plan A and plan F (visit friends). Indica’s temperature was 100.2 on the morning that I left. From what I understand, it was day 62, so they would be due today.

I spent the morning before I left, cleaning,

but they wouldn’t let me vacuum.

Later, I walked the dogs for a bit (off leash too), then got the truck started with someone else’s help and hit the road.

Keeping friends when you are homeless is tricky business indeed. Most of your real friends learn to deal with the inevitable anger that surfaces, when the avenues that normally allow people to separate and find their own space to maintain the friendhsip channel into one person’s misery and the other person’s anxiety about about your whereabouts and wellbeing. So, your friends become more like family in this situation, and you have to be careful not to stay too long, and not to stay when other situations that stress surface. Still, one likes to know that one’s friends are there. so, one reaches out in this kind inarticulate exploration of friendship space – who’s still there? how do they respond to you? do they still care?
it kind of reinforces your mental health in the sense that you check and change or reaffirm the presence of people that you know and that know you in your life. with a new map, you move out into the world with hopefully a more secure and accurate psyche.
So, we’re sleeping in the truck, but visiting friends. i guess we’ll leave today, but it’s always a little flexible. easy come, easy go.

hope the pups make it ok. their mama is the sweetest dog in the world, and i know she wants what’s best for the pups.

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