Earthquake and Evolution

Took the dogs temperatures this morning because I noticed that they were feeling under the weather. Spin’s was 99.9F and Pety’s was 99.2F. Both low. Spin’s appetite was down yesterday evening, but Petey’s was fine. Spin is constipated today.
Took the dogs out for a leashed walk, and they rested in the shade as I used the internet. Then, the earth quaked, and although I didn’t at first realize what it was, the stool and table I was sitting at, supported by one metal pole, trembled. I looked around trying to understand whether it was my head/body that felt uneasy and dizzy. But I later learned that it was a 5.9 quake. I texted my friend to see if the roof, door, windows, deck posts, and framing that I had done on her house in DC had survived. It seemingly had! I felt pride that I could build something that could survive a 5.9 quake.
For the rest of the day, everything was kind of light unfortunately. I tried to get setup reading a paper on evolution, and had to think about the premise and conclusion of the paper very carefully.
question asked: does a multicellular organism have an evolutionary advantage over a unicellular organism when differentiation occurs?
the interesting thought is the comparison with development, and cancer. in development, smaller organism sizes differentiate better: that is most functional differentiation occurs in the embryo, and not in the adult. differentiation that occurs as an adult can be cancer, it generally is often not well tolerated by the organism. So, the paper proceeds to initiate a digital experiment on an artificial experiment. it is interesting. but, i have to point out that there is kind of a more biologically relevent description that occurs every day in the develo9pment of an organism. how to relate these 2 different approaches?
so, reading the paper kind of stopped there, while I mulled on these questions.


121 min. 5 mile hilly bike ride with dogs. 10X 10X stomach crunches

35 min. empty water from yesterday’s storm from tool containers in back of truck. find ties. cover back of pickup with tarp and tie down in preparation for bad weather.

30 min. reading paper

1 hour spanish phrases on TV

la remodelacion
el hijo o el trabajo?
seguras sin barreras
tengo o no tengo licensia
avances medicos
muy dolor in mi talon
celibracion y caos
a juicio
la pena capital
fue mordido par uno perro
la falta de educacion
la sterilisacion
la muerte de inocentes
derechos reservado
captada en video
tremblo en el este
del interior de su residencia
el edificio del gubierno
tanto panico
de este magnitude

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