Hurricane Preparations

My back is pretty much 100% now. I don’t feel anymore pain or stiffness. In reflecting on the origin of the back problem, because of the types of movements that were inhibited I am almost 95% sure that I hurt my back when I helped a woman who had a golden retriever with a huge tumor (probably 100 pounds) pull her dog who couldn’t walk 500 ft. down the halll by putting a towel around the midsection of the body while the woman pulled with the leash. It is a strained position that explains the injury. She was a nurse who worked for the SPCA. Anyway, that part is over, and it is nice to know how it happened, so that i can avoid this in the future. i am still a little protective of my back in exercises. i got the truck started today, so i set out to do some more extensive hurricane preparation: getting groceries and fuel. After I got the groceries, I worked out my arm muscles using 1 gallon of milk in one arm, and 1 gallon of green tea in the other (9 pounds each). I did 10X10 reps of both arm lifts from waste to shoulder, being careful to support my back, and arm lifts from shoulder to above the head. with the weights, alternating. I tested the dogs’ temperatures again this morning: Spin 100.2F and Petey 99.9F. So everything is normalizing – and whatever their problems were, I am guessing they were boosted when I left Petey alone to go look for Spin, but their immune system kicked in. Still, I took it easy this morning, a short bike ride in the AM followed by indoor training of “down” and “off” the furniture, and then the truck ride that they enjoyed, followed by some outdoor activity at an industrial park where there are no other dogs. Spin has an almost unbearably good hunting instinct, and although he picked up the scent of an animal around some pipes, he never found the animal, but it took me over an hour to control his excitement to the point where I could stop chasing him around the pipes.
On a more sober note, there is the realization that my housing ends on Saturday. , and with a financial assessment of my remaining funds, I have about $115 left after spending $2.50 on laundry, and $3.95 on a Spanish-English dictionary. So, prioritizing what is left, I guess that I will save it for medicine and emergency food for reactions. I have a $55 payment due 9/6 on winter real estate in Texas. I don’t know if I will make that payment. Maybe with the hurricane coming, shelters will open up. And maybe they will take dogs. A tent does not seem feasible in a hurricane. So, the day was mostly domestic. I spent a little time trying to find the book for my godson’s birthday. I still haven’t bought it. I don’t think I can afford it right now. So, I guess the dog community needs to worry about hurricane preparations (, but I will probably head inland away from my friends to be safe from the storm in the truck. My computer screen is barely readable now. I can only read 2 lines at a time. I guess that it will fail completely some time this week, at which point I will be dependent on public internet access with a concommittant view of my dogs tied up outside. Not an easy situation. Fighting the urge to hoard my bed…
On a positive note, I measured my blood pressure at 134/75 and HR at 99. It took 3 tries to get it down. My weight has also improved, dropping by 5% in the past 2 weeks. This reflects the improved eating habits that I can achieve with some stability. So, I am out of the pink zone and into the brown zone. Yeah!!!

Spanish words:
la renuncia de Steve Jobs
con permisso
categoria quattro
historia original
produccione ejecutivo
todo mi corazon
muy satisfaccio
que tienes?
pero como expiqua mi
in el coche
estoy muy disconcertada
tengo mucho trabajo
physica chemica
mi assistente
al regreso
a partir de estes lunes
pensando en ti
ordene ahora
que espera
facil de manejar tu dinero
la recuperacion es possible
recupere mi vida
Daily Log:
1. You spent 1 hour. measuring dogs’ temp, running them on a bike, and training “down
” and “off” the furniture.
2. You spent 2 hours getting fuel and groceries, preparing for hurricane.
3. You spent 1 hour analyzing budget, and options for handling emergency.
4. You spent 1.5 hours running dogs and trying to control Spin in a hunting situation.
5. You spent 20 min. doing arm exercises.
6. You spent 2 hours doing laundry.
7. You spent 1 hour listening to, and looking up, Spanish phrases on TV.

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