Raising a Bed

For some reason the bed in the hotel room which is king size collapsed on the frame. It looks like someone had tried to fix it from a previous time. There is an extra screw. The bolt holding the frame together (bent frame) must have been loose. Anyway, I spent a couple of hours today using a jack to raise the bed, and a prybar to get the frame about right, and then a socket driver to tighten the nut on the bolt. It was a very difficult endeavor, and I strained myself considerably pulling the mattress and boxspring out, and then raising and getting everything into position to redo it all. It took a couple of hours. It wasn’t the best thing to do for my back, but I put everything back together. Now, I’m praying I don’t wake up with a sore back. I have to move out tomorrow, apparently.

I spent $8.48 on a flash drive. The one I had apparently doesn’t work anymore (it had transferred a virus anyway, so it was probably infected). I spent a little bit of time taking the old one apart to see if I could get it to work. No way.

so, I got the new one in spite of my financial situation. It is the dignity of work for me, because it allows me to transfer files from my computer with a broken screen but internet access, to the computer that is very fragile, and does not have internet access, but has a nice easy to read screen. This way I can read papers that I download off the internet and save.

Update: spent a lot more time raising the bed. it collapsed again. so i looked at the problem a little more. it is supported by a riser on the other side (the wheel has been removed), and the crossbar which is bent, is also split at the end. So, I used 4 corner brackets (each with 2 holes/side) and guerilla glue for the crack. The guerilla glue worked great. Even when everything else falls, the crack stays stable and together. I got everything together and relatively stable with the corner brackets, but it isn’t like you can jump on the bed. Sleep yes, a lot of weight in one position, no.

For a permanent solution, the bar probably needs to be welded and used with a riser (or wood block).

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