Runnin’ Wild and Booker T. Washington

Sweet springs
With the problems that I had with the truck, I decided that being on a hill and unable to turn around in the truck with the cabin in the state it was in, was probably not where I wanted to stay for a long time. IAt’s not like I could haul stuff away. There is no trash service there. A woman had kindly warned me of snakes as I stopped to investigate the property. Perhaps even more problematic, I am not even really sure I still legally own it… I wanted to check on my friends and their survival of the hurricane. At least one of them had a tree fall on their neighbor’s roof hurting the neighbor when the debris from the roof collapsed on her. I offered to try to start my chainsaw. Two of my other friends weren’t answering the phone.

So, I head up to Charleston, WV and visit the Booker T. Washington house there, letting the dogs out in the little fenced park until I realized there was another open gate.

Spin went for a dance through the semi fenced yards in the neighborhood along the river until I finally caught up with him.

My truck is definitely going to need some work:
1) drop tranny and rebuild reverse clutch
2) rewire ignition switch so that truck can be started from underneath while I hold the starter bolt in.
3) replace windshield.
4) fix brakelight and replace housing.
5) fix probable alignment problem (brakes vibrate on a long steep hill > 10% grade).
6) worn tires.
7) maybe brake job? inspect brakes and replace if necessary.
8) Starter bendix is coupling very poorly to flywheel. I’m guessing gear is worn on one or more sides and only grabs in one orientation. Takes about 20-30 tries to start the truck. I’m hoping for intelligent design in this situation: that is, that the system is designed to fail mechanically with the starter and not the flywheel. Starter bendix should be softer than flywheel. Will require disassembling the starter again, maybe replacing the bendix. I think I have a bendix from another starter that will work. The question is how damaged is the flywheel? There must be some damage for it to be only grabbing in a certain orientation???
9) Left door handle doesn’t work.
10) No AC. Heat sometimes works.
11) Gear shifter cable still cable tied – truck does not go into park or low gear (3rd, ok). Shifting is a little tricky.
12) Some misfiring. Maybe plugs?
13) Both exhaust pipes have broken off.
14) Driver’s side seatbelt does not work.
It’s still a great truck!!! Very robust, and totally worth fixing.

It’s a good month’s work of hard part-time work if I can find some space and get some tools.

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