Wheeling and West Virginia’s Birthplace

We made one final stop in West Virginia before heading up into hurricane territory. Our last stop was the pioneer women memorial

at the West Virginia birthplace plaque in Wheeling. I have to admit to an enormous amount of anxiety as I practiced sit and stay with Spin for the picture. But he did.

I think West Virginia is a great state for Spin – , even if the culture would have to adjust a little to the fact that he is a gay dog. He loves the outdoors and is a superb hunting dog.

Trying to prioritize how to solve my truck problems…
There is the cosmetic stuff that gets me pulled over (I have 2 tickets for this in NY). The cracked windshield (crack has not moved in over a year despite desperate freeze-thaw cycles) and tail light that is taped up. The brake light that just stopped working again.
These problems, although not salient to mobility or really safety (the brake light should work, it was just rusted out the last time I fixed it and probably needs to be cleaned again). I agree I shouldn’t drive at night without it, but the taillight still works. The driver behind me is just missing 1/2 of a cue when I brake.) These are ego-trip problems –
like someone with a fragile ego, the system wants you to show respect in times of catastrophic urgency. Like someone who, when all of their resources and strength is being directed to a given crisis that might collapse, is being asked to have a civil discussion about feelings. You are in the middle of performing a bypass operation that isn’t going well, the patient is crashing, and someone walks in and asks you where you would like to go out for dinner, or if they should wear a different colored tie to work. You are supposed to be able to say “salad” or “no, the tie is perfect. keep it.” But instead you snap. And maybe you regret your tone later, because you didn’t intend to hurt the other person’s feelings. So you apologize, but it is never enough… Weeks later, they are still mad, and you can’t even remember what you did. Can desperate people have friends? It’s an interesting question. OK. Relationships may not be my strong suit. So baack to the truck.

Parts that are needed:
1) housing on left rear light.
2) new windshield.
3) exhaust pipes (both)
4) transmission dolly
5) brake pads (maybe)
6) bigger jack to raise the truck
7) blocks to support it
8) air compressor and tools
9) welding tool to weld exhaust pipes back in after transmission has been replaced.
10) sundry parts for starter/flywheel/transmission problems: possibly ring gear, transmission seal kit, exchange bendix, solve bolt problem, ignition switch bypass.

I think the most critical thing right now is getting the truck to start reliably. If it does this, then I could drive it a long distance on the highway. For city driving, it is very difficult without being able to go in reverse. But I can think of at least one place where I might be able to drive to the library and back and park without needing reverse. Obviously with the outstanding repair tickets that threaten my license, I maybe need to focus on the windshield and brake light housing repair. Show some superficial respect for the system – like trying to shower and wear clean clothes every day, when you are compelled to live in a such a way that others spit on you, and not knowing when/where you can lay your head down to rest. Not sure that it will solve my problems, but God forbid, I should be charged with contempt.

Enough rambling. I have the energy for the smaller problems right now, and it will build my confidence to solve them. So, we’ll start with the brake light, and follow that with the windshield repair.

$55 Rent payment sent 9/6/2011: Walmart Moneygram R203408367481. Dogs treated with ivermectin for heartworm prevention.

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