Queer Culture

I passed over into PA and stopped by friend #1’s house who was no longer getting phone calls from me. I wasn’t sure why the phone calls weren’t getting through – but we go way back, and I wanted to make sure that she was ok afer her kids went back to school. She was, for the most part. We had a 15 min. chat and made an appointment to have lunch again in a week and then I headed up north to the hurricane area to visit friend #2. I don’t know her phone number by heart, and I had lost my cell phone with all of the phone numbers in it. So, I wanted the number again. We had a 15 min. chat and I got her number again. I was going to ask her if she would watch Spin and Petey for a couple of days while I went back down to MD to renew my driver’s license and get some work done on my truck. It didn’t really work out – she was registering for school. I thought that it would be a great place for Spin because the culture is queer up there, and she loves Petey. It would have been nice to have a couple of days to solve problems.

Queer culture is funny. As I drove over to my friend’s house, I was subjected to vision driving tests that if failed would have put me down a road with no possibility of getting out, an insane absence of signs to get to where I was trying to go, several times when my truck seemed manipulated to try to cause a deliberate no personal injury crash so that it would be considered totalled and insurance would pay for a new one. I learned to be very very careful.

Finally, I made it back down to friend #3’s house where she loaned me her camper van to sleep in with the dogs while I try to solve my truck and licensing problems.

Daily log:
1. You spent 60 minutes to try to fix revoked license problem in north carolina.
2. You spent 60 minutes to 1 hour walk in the rain to Y with Spin and Petey for off leash time
3, You spent 141 minutes to writing for blog to catch up, answering an atheist blog, call about used computer.
The screen finally broke completely on mine. Unusable.
4. You spent 34 minutes to do dishes, and do laundry, take out trash and recycling.
5. You spent 37 minutes to walk with friend’s 3 dogs to the Y and play ball with them.
6. You spent 30 minutes to bike with petey and spin to library to use the internet.
7. You spent 1 hour to do research on trying to find a used computer and bike trailer on craigslist while
the dogs waited outside the library.
8. You spent 30 minutes to bike to grocery store with dogs and buy some vegetables while the dogs waited outside.
9. You spent 30 minutes to bike with petey and spin back from the library.
10. You spent 20 minutes to cook dinner.

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