Ten Years After: Program Modifications

Sato and a no-kill vision

I finally got another used computer (Dell Latitude D610). It does quite a bit for $100, but the most important thing is that it has both an intact screen and wifi, so that I can write.

I went to the synagogue yesterday morning, and we had an interesting discussion of the torah, notably the distinction between Joshua and Moses in their interactions with God. Moses was the intecessor for his people (the golden calf); Joshua was the executor of God’s will (the battle with Amalek). This reflection is seminal to our attempts to translate a black and white view of the world to one where more is known, one with more shades of gray. Where does one stand in the Moses-Joshua spectrum? Which situations might induce one to move more toward Moses or Joshua in managing our relationship to both God and the world?

I went to the philosophy, theology, and religion class at the methodist church. It was the beginning of a new year. This semester’s session is entitled “Why western theology is incoherent.” It will be mostly a discussion about differences in the eastern and western christian church theology during and after the first split, and an attempt to understand the important concepts that divide the churches.
We started with Gregory of Nyssa, and noted the word “faith” has different meanings and associations in Greek πιστις (pi’stis), latin (fides), hebrew אמונה (emunah), french (la foi), and spanish (la fe) highlighting the difficulties inherent in translation.
Two books were recommended for the class:
The Orthodox Study Bible
Gregory of Nyssa: The Life of Moses

We had an interesting discussion on the 3 theophanies of Moses and Gregory’s interpretation of the theophanies (light and cloud for the first two, I would say human for the third, but I am guessing that Gregory is going in a different direction with this), and I raised the question of the distinction between a theophany, Moses’ veiled encounters with God in the tabernacle, and the idea that God is ever-present in the church. Is the distinction of a physical nature? visual? sensory?

The second interesting point that was raised was that of the nature of truth as defined by Gregory. Was it binary? Or a conceptual limit as defined for example by Plato in the allegory of the cave?

Finally, a short foray after class into the relationship between Greek ideas and the gospel of John, the Greek language of the first gospels, the hebrew or aramaic language that was surely spoken by Jesus and the apostles in temples. Plato, light=truth, and John (God is the one true light).

I have made some modifications to my program superscript, notably incorporating functions (goto’s are apparently strictly forbidden), a daily reflection of urgent problems, one possible revision of order of events at any point during execution of the program, an assessment of how achieving the goal of the activity went post-activity, and the incorporation of family time into the possible options. I will post this version when it is finalized.

Daily Log:
getting computer, removing broken starter bolt, cleaning house, getting insulin are urgent and can be solved today.

foot problems, other truck problems are urgent and needs priority time over the next few days.

You chose to proceed in the following manner.
3 2 6 1 3 5 3 2 4 7 1

1. You spent 2 hours and 2 minutes to attend the philosophy class at the methodist church.

2. You spent 33 minutes to bike ride with dogs to Y for off-leash time and practice ball.

3. You spent 3 hours and 22 min. picking up computer, insulin, groceries, and birdseed. You bought 8 granola bars, and 10 packets of instant oatmeal for children at Women Who Care Ministries.

4. You spent 43 min to talk to parents and brother and brother’s family and kids on phone.

5. You spent 2 hours and 2 min. finding drill, draining water from it, unfreezing the chuck, dissassembling drill to remove extension bit, removing starter, and
unable to find square ended 5/32 bit to couple to extension bit and drill at brorken starter bolt. Put everything back together. Back hurts from trying to unfreeze the chuck with 2 vice grips – drill no longer engages, although it powers and rotates, there is no ability to rotate under load.

6. You spent 1 hr 10 min. to clean counters, stove, sink, do dishes, sweep, take out recyclables, cook dinner. Back hurts.

7. You spent 39 minutes to bike down to the park with Spin and Petey.

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