Starting again

The big news of the day is that I put in a brand new starter on the truck.

While it is not easy work for me, I break it down into 3 difficult steps and tackle each one like a new job.
1) Getting the electrical leads connected.
2) Getting the starter lifted and set next to the fuel line.
3) Holding the starter aligned while the bolts are fitted into the holes.
The mechanic ordered a new starter bolt because they require #8 Steel in hardness, and the ones at the regular hardware store are only 1 or 2. The bolt that was sent was 1/2 inch too long, so it was fitted with washers to make up the difference in length.

I had been given 2 warnings by the cops who were going to ticket the truck (still at a meter) but the mechanic stopped them and instead they gave me 2 warnings. So, the starter finally in, the truck started the first time I turned the key. No problem. I go to pick up the dogs to take them to the dog park and the truck started again, with a little more difficulty. Finally, after running the dogs at the dogpark, the truck failed to start. The solenoid clicks, but I depleted the battery trying to start it. So, I will need charge. I’m not hearing it turn at all. It is thankfully only a 3 mile walk from the dogpark to my friend’s house. I am warm, but not yet mobile with the truck.
Otherwise the taillight assembly came today. So, I can fix that when it stops raining. I got a weekly bus pass for $15 + a one time $5 fee. At $1.70/bus ride, no extensions, no changing buses, no daily passes, taking the bus was hitting my wallet pretty hard. I’m now down to my last $5, after giving the mechanic $115 for the starter and the new bolt, and getting dogfood.
Took the old starter apart again and took some pictures. Tomorrow, I will bench it.

Some white deposits along the ring gear if one looks closely.

Daily log:
Get watch, bus ticket, electrical meter, soldering iron, test starter, some wrenches or sockets, dog food, milk, coffee, and decide whether to put in new starter or old, is urgent and can be solved today.

Foot problems, housing, other truck problems are urgent and need priority time over the next few days.

1) You spent 1 hour riding bike with dogs to grocery store to pick up milk, coffee, and dogfood.
2) You spent 15 minutes to take out recyclables and trash, feed the birds, and fix your friend’s mailbox.
3) You spent 30 minutes to ride bike down to grocery store to get weekly bus pass.
4) You spent 40 minutes riding the bus out to the truck to pick up old starter, insulin, and asthma medication.
5) You spent 2 hours to put in new starter.
6) You spent 1 hour to take dogs to the dogpark for off-leash activity.

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