A Light Day

Worked on some smaller projects today, and did some assessment of my feet and devised a plan to try to help with the circulation. I am pretty sure that with the new treatment plan, I can feel a break in the 5th metatarsal toward the heel, which explains why there is still swelling. Got the bike fixed (the seat was loose) which was a big help to my mobility, since I want to stay off of my feet. However, because of the bronchitis, breathing is rather difficult and I can’t tolerate hills at all. I did manage to make it back out to the truck (about a 1 mile walk each way from the bus stop). I torqued the starter bolts properly to between 30 and 40 foot pounds with a torque wrench, then went to work on the tail light assembly. In order to do this work, I had to open the back of the trunk. It had been improperly closed on top of something months ago, and was pretty stuck. Because of the angle, it wouldn’t budge even with all of my strength, or even a guy’s strength. I used a 2 ft prybar on the handle, and finally got it open. Then put in the driver’s side taillight assembly, and replaced the middle bulb (brake light) in the passenger side taillight assembly with one from the old broken assembly. Required some work on the corrosion. Tested everything out:

brake light middle on
right signal bottom on middle flashing
left signal bottom on middle flashing
headlights top and middle on
reverse bottom and middle on

I was able to get 2 quarts of oil to put in the engine with my exxon card. The oil level was low which can make it more difficult to start the engine. Still, the engine wouldn’t start. I think the battery is low.

So, kind of a light day.

1. You spent 2 hours assessing feet and formulating a therapy plan to try to help them to heal.
2. You spent 1 hour on bike repair.
3. You spent 3 hours on car work.
4. You spent a total of 50 minutes doing foot exercises and applying hot compresses at different points during the day.

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