Trying to Jump the Starter Motor

Trying to survive here. Spent the morning finishing the programs, and then did the 3 mile bike ride down to the truck at the dogpark with the dogs. They were very happy to get out in spite of the fact that they had played around in my friend’s backyard. Getting to the truck, I tried to work a little on problems that don’t require money to solve – the seatbelt problem. I stepped on it with all my weight, and it still wouldn’t budge – so the locking mechanism is set on it. I used a pry bar to pull it up a little and took a picture of what it looked like underneath.

In the process, the retractor sprang out, so if the seatbelt ever does work again, it won’t spring back.

I tried to move anything that looked like a switch or a button down there, but nothing helped.

Finally, someone came who looked like they might be able to jump my truck. I talked to them, then tried to use the battery cables to go directly from their truck battery to the starter motor copper post, using a bolt on the transmission for ground. I had to clip the hot cable to the tire punch to get access to the post, there is so little room there. So, obviously the solenoid (which was clicking when I would try to start off of my truck, needed to move the piston down, so I left the connections on my battery to the starter, and turned my ignition key, before touching the negative cable to the other battery. No starter sounds. So, I think the starter is bound up. I need to take it out, take it apart, take it to a parts store, and test it, test the old starter, and get another solenoid for it, then bench both of them, and put one back in. I’ll probably use a hacksaw to open up the old solenoid. It’s glued together. I am pretty sure I will also need some charge for the battery, and praying that the alternator is working. Remember, the truck was left parked in front of several tow/mechanics yards for a couple of days. Who knows who felt owed in this situation?

So, returning back to my friend’s house, the roommate returns and she is decidedly not my friend. She basically gives me hell for being there, threatens to call the police for trespassing (she’s a cop), and yells all sorts of false accusations at me. My friend had kind of warned me, but had given me her room for a few days while she was out of town. She technically owns the place. So, the roommate is upset because she is paying a lot of rent, and I’m not. I try to make peace, but hours later she still addressess me yelling with utter contempt, threats, and tells me to go down to Texas (where it 100 degrees). She obviously wants me dead. So, the housing situation has become critical. The truck really needs to start. I’m trying to keep healing my feet the priority in this situation so that I don’t lose my right foot. I think it will heal, just not tomorrow. The really good news is that the swelling dropped dramatically in the foot yesterday probably because I took a really hot bath and vasodilated the foot. It almosts looks like it used to, if it weren’t for the open sores.

Picked up a new watch with an alarm that works for $15. I was going to get a watch battery, but the store wasn’t doing watch repairs. You had to buy a new one. My friend loaned me $10.
Now I’m really broke.

Fed the birds and did some birdwatching at my friend’s house before her roommate came back.

Daily log:
Fix watch, test starter, walk dogs, visit truck to inspect seatbelt problem is urgent and can be solved today.
Housing crisis, foot problems, truck problems is urgent and needs priority time over the next few days.

1. You spent 2 hours working on the computer programs and posting them this morning.
2. You spent 45 minutes feeding and watching birds.
3. You spent 60 minutes to ride bike down to the dog park with the dogs.
4. You spent 1 hour and 40 minutes looking at seatbelt problem and trying to jump starter motor.
5. You spent 60 minutes to ride bike back from the dog park with the dogs.
6. You spent 4 hours to take bus down to store to get new watch. The bus was amazingly slow for a Saturday night.

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