The Starter that Nobody Wanted

After ruling most other problems out, it was pretty clear the “new” starter motor wasn’t turning. So, I biked over to the dogpark, and took it out, taking it apart to take pictures. There is no way this was rebuilt. Someone wanted my $100 and immobility. The outside looked all shiny and new, but the brushes are completely worn down, there are a couple of markings on the ring gear. It’s missing the washer on the top. Someone probably assembled this from the trash. The solenoid does click.
The “New” starter

So, I’m going to go bench both the old one, and the new one, and see if I can put one together from the 2 old parts.

OK. End of a long day. Both staters were hauled on my back to the advance auto. They were kind enough to bench them for me. The original one spins fine as long as the solenoid is arced. The “new” one would not spin, although the solenoid clicked. So, I swapped the outside part (the good brushes from the old one) onto the new starter, and now it spins, but it doesn’t extend. I will open it up tomorrow to verify that both arms are correctly holding both the piston and the bendix. It obviously must extend to engage the flywheel. In terms of getting started, maybe just putting the old one back in and arcing it would get me started. Or possibly, extending the bendix manually for a one time start might work. Otherwise opening up the old solenoid with a bandsaw seems worthwhile.
I really only need a solenoid of the same diameter (I measure 10.75 cm diameter and about 12 cm long – the metallic cylinder part that needs to fit inside the clamp over the head) to fit in the bellhousing. It doesn’t need to be from the same truck. In fact I do have another starter (given to me from a junkyard) with the same bendix and a larger solenoid that would require drilling new bolt holes into the starter block to put in. Don’t know for a fact that it works, though. For that matter, I’m being kind of dumb here… a solenoid should be one of the easier parts to build from scratch.

Update next day: took the rebuilt hybrid starter apart, and yes, everything was assembled correctly. Both the bendix and the solenoid piston were sitting in the rocker arm which does move. So, closing the solenoid circuit (a click) does not pass current that will activate the magnet. There may be a 2nd switch in the solenoid that someone has remote access to. This worked twice obviously, then stopped working at the dogpark. My right foot is again a little swollen from all of the exertion yesterday (the pack must have weighed 40 pounds with both starters in it).

I saw 3 chicadees and 1 dove this morning as I fed the birds. I figured out how to take a movie with my camera and shot the most beautiful short movie of 2 chicadees feeding off of the birdfeeder (one flies off while the other one arrives). The call of the chicadee is heard at the end of the movie. Unfortunately, this site wants $60 and a credit card to be able to upload movies. Maybe I can upload the call. OK. Figured out how to upload the movie for free through YouTube. Here it is:
The distinction with the chicadees is between the black capped chicadee and the carolina chicadee. I think it is a carolina. They apparently do hybridize. The species are thought to have diverged over 20 000 years ago.

Daily log:
1. You spent 60 minutes documenting starter problems on the internet.
2. You spent 60 minutes feeding and identifying birds, figuring out how to post and shoot movie of chicadees on the internet.
3. You spent 54 minutes running the dogs on a bike to the park and back for off leash time.
4. You spent 29 minutes putting the starter back together.
5. You spent 2 hours doing dishes, laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning bathroom, stove, taking out trash and recyclables, changing sheets, and moving out of room.
6. You spent 4 hours and 30 min benching the starters at the autoparts store including the 4 buses it took to get there.
7. You spent 1 hour getting groceries, and running dogs 2 miles on a bike.

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