Today was one of the breast cancer walks. This morning I woke up to a bunch of people marching on. A couple of years ago, my car had broken down and without any money, I had abandoned the car and embarked on an ambitious 2 month-long walk for cancer across the state of New York with my dogs, sleeping in a tent every night and carrying my 40-80 pound backpack. Amazingly, we had made it from Buffalo to New York City (over 600 miles). The walk had been a journey of faith (not knowing if I could make it from point A to point B), and also, a walk to raise awareness for homeless animals. It was something that even a homeless person could do. This year, still alive, I’m being realistic. My feet are not in a condition to participate in the walking part.

I got some footage of what I believe is a tufted titmouse today. At first, I thought it was a young bluejay, offended because it had only been described as “a different bird” and not “a beautiful delicate little bird” like the chicadee in one of my previous posts. I say offended, because it had never come back for a visit after that post. But here it is again, and I think I got the right bird, although I can’t quite discern the rust-brown flank coloring underneath.

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