Butterflies and The First Turning

Cooped Up

After cleaning up and caring for my dogs, I decided to drive out to Dilliner, PA to pick up a windshield for the truck so that I could try to put it in and take pictures before the ticket is due to be filed this weekend. I also wanted to test the truck out. I had been for a short drive to Rock Creek Park on Sunday with the dogs and tested both the ability of the truck to start reliably, and run with the headlights on. It had passed both tests, although I was disconnecting the battery every time I stopped. Now, I wanted to see if the truck could make a longer trip. This one would be just over 200 miles. Enough to see if there were alternator problems, etc.

We made it without incident, including a rather scary downpour of rain in the dark (full load with wipers, and headlights on). I admit to some nervousness with the state of the front tires, but there was no slipping. I have driven with worse. I slept in the truck with the dogs out in front of the junkyard, because I arrived after they closed. About 3 hours into the night, someone came by and asked me what I was doing there and why the hood was popped on the truck. I explained that the truck couldn’t back up, and had a short, but that I was trying to pick up a windshield from the salvage yard, and had arrived too late that evening. He seemed satisfied. The next morning, I walk over to the office (a beautiful walk through the forest and horse pastures of about 1 mile) with the dogs and waited and waited. The hours said 8-5. Still, no one there. Finally, I got a little nervous – I mean the truck was parked in front of the U-pull it lot. Someone might think it needed to be towed into the lot… They might try to exchange the truck for a horse! So, I left a note, explaining what I was looking for (I had already checked the week before and they had the part), and then went to get the truck. When I drove back, I saw the sign – the office had moved (another couple of miles down the road). So, I make it over to the new office, order the part that they have to pull from an old Chevy. For insurance reasons, they wouldn’t let me back into the yard to watch them do it. They had so many trucks there that when they broke the first windshield that they tried to pull out, they simply found another compatible one for the truck and pulled it. In the meantime, I played around with my seatbelt which was still stuck, and finally got it to release by using a prybar to push in the red button on the right while I simultaneously yanked on the seatbelt.

Now, although the seatbelt does not sit tight around the waist (the shoulderstrap still does), it does buckle. In the event of a wreck, I will not be flying too far.

Later that day, the dogs and I went for a beautiful walk out to Coopers Rock in West Virginia.

With the smell of the forest, and solitude, we enjoyed a 6.2 mile roundtrip hike, seeing hawks and chipmunks, and little tiny daisies that Petey smelled,

and lots of mushrooms,

and even some exotic red fruit that grew close to the ground, containing seeds and a rather cactus like exterior (although not prickly, and it smelled too astringent to try to taste).

Spin thoroughly enjoyed himself with his Navajo nature, and we saw evidence of fires on the rocks,

and even some interesting markings on a rock on the ground.

I totally felt the indian past of this forest. The park is named for a nonnative fugitive historic figure who made barrels probably for liquor.

I learned about Connoquenessing Sandstone,

and saw the first turning of the leaves.

In a few weeks, the forest will be transformed by the paintbrush of fall. The overlook has a spectacular view of the Cheat river,

and one can observe several hawks if one watches under the right circumstances.

At the end of the walk, Petey began to run toward the truck when he saw it. Both he and I were happy for the ride! We remembered…
The next morning I saw 2 butterflies that I think may have been paired. It was quite beautiful.

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