Letter to the Court


Dear Sir or Madam:

In reference to citation 1K42… and citation xxxxxxxxxx, citations that were received for an inadequate tail lamp, and a crack in my windshield on 9/1/2011. The tail lamp on the vehicle had been taped with red tape, and the crack in the windshield (incurred when I had braked to save a chihuahua’s life that a young boy had accidently let out of a house on a busy street) had been taped to monitor its progress in the event that it worsened. It had survived a winter of freezing and thawing without any progression. Both situations were in need of remedy, and I thank the police officer for calling this to my attention.

I am very pleased to say both problems have been remedied in time for me to plead guilty by the time requested on the citations (10/6/2011). The tail lamp has been replaced with a fully functional and intact tail lamp assembly from a salvage yard, and all lights: braking, reverse, signal, and tail lights verified to be functional. Additionally, the windshield has been replaced with an intact windshield, and sealed with caulk rated at greater than 600 psi, using professional grade primers to prime both the metal and the windshield glass. I am attaching some pictures. I humbly ask for your sensitive consideration of the facts of the case. I do not have a stable source of income, and am currently in the DC area.


Supporting notes:

Log 9/16: put in the driver’s side taillight assembly that I had received for $50 from a salvage yard, and replaced the middle bulb (brake light) in the passenger side taillight assembly with one from the old broken assembly. Required some work on the corrosion. Tested everything out:

brake light middle on
right signal bottom on middle flashing
left signal bottom on middle flashing
headlights top and middle on
reverse bottom and middle on
Log 10/4:
Obtained the windshield from Jordan Auto Salvage. Finally, with a little bit of sun, I got everything together and finished the job, using the entire 10 oz can of windowweld, and priming both the window pane and the metal. Before starting the job, I also cleaned around the edges 2X with a microfibre rag, and Bright Green cleaner (not tested on animals).
Dry set new windshield
Priming the surface
Clamping for the seal

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