Close to an Eagle

I went down to the VINS nature center and the Quechee Gorge. It was a beautiful but sad opportunity to have a very close up view of many raptors that I would never be able to capture on camera even if I saw them. Many only come out at night. The birds had been rehabilitated from severe injuries,

and most of them could no longer survive in the wild. It was a safe place for them – like a barn, but with screen windows and trees inside.

The bald eagle was almost half my size – huge.

And very close. It was a still moment to be so close to something so wondrous, majestic, and sacred.

I wondered about the hawk that I had found in the middle of the highway with an injured wing. I had pulled over, and without knowing better, reached down and picked the bird up holding its wings, putting the bird in the back of my pickup. I had driven to the closest vet. When I had gone inside, the bird had jumped out of the truck to go into the vet’s barn. The vet said he couldn’t treat a wild animal, but had given me directions to a wildlife rehabber. Frustrated, I had had to recapture the bird, who this time was a little less stunned, and more terrified from the pickup ride. I had to cover the bird with my coat to capture it, and put it temporarily in a dog crate for transport. I had taken the bird there, and the woman had thought the bird had a good shot at making it – probably a broken wing that she would have x-rayed. I had hoped for a barn for the bird, but she had enclosures not unlike those at this center.

After walking through the nature park to the sound of chattering squirrels and chipmunks,

I watched the balloon land in the distance behind the marsh,

and then took the dogs for a bike ride down the gorge to the dam.

We had a little lesson at a reststop on rainwater conservation…

Vermont, a good neighbor to Canada, is very green!

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