Indigenous Peoples, Petey and Great Falls

The visit to the National Museum of the American Indian… I will parse it out over a few days – interspersing into the visit, images from the natural world in the DC area.

Indigenous people trying to protect the rainforest in La Paz, Bolivia. A long journey…a really big mountain to climb…and a lot of sick little ones with Pneumonia.

The struggle for indigenous rights of the Guarani. From a beautiful photoexhibit of contemporary indigenous cultures at the National Museum of the American Indian.

An overview of the falls.
I would visit Great Falls National Park the next day, and inspired by the indian exhibit, try to catch some fish with a $15 fishing setup. Although I find it hard to kill anything, my dog Spin is a superb hunter. He has caught more than one bunny, and a ground hog that I have cooked. What I have noticed, is that the birds appear (lots of them descending down on a field) when he shows up with the dead rabbit and drops the animal at my feet. I associate this communication as affirming “the way of the wild”: the lower environmental cost of hunting for food, as opposed to the raising of domestic animals for slaughter.

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