Running Gay and Carving Pumpkins

Exploring some healthy alternatives to self-destructive behavior, I ran (or rather biked) into a pumpkin-carving event this week-end. It was sponsored by the DC Frontrunners. It’s hard to run or bike and smoke at the same time. Although I can’t run right now, they also have a walking contingent. In any event, I was happy to have a not too intimidating chance to meet some proactive people (given my weight, I think that pumpkin carving was a lot less intimidating than running or walking with people. But they have both a competitive (45 people) and a noncompetitive group (400 people) that meets for 1-2 hour walk/runs 1 to 3 times a week.

You couldn’t ask for a sweeter bunch of guys. As I rang the buzzer to go up to the rooftop party with my dogs (who were welcomed), I overheard one guy whisper to another (it’s a girl!). Yes, I was the only chic at the pumpkin carving, but there are apparently other girls who run competitively with them. I met the host and his husband. Everyone was trying to figure out what to be for halloween. The Renaissance Festival was apparently local this weekend. A few ideas there: knight in shining armor, king, jester…

And, as I left for the 6 mile bike ride back through Dupont Circle and Georgetown,

I asked if they had plans for the carved out pieces of pumpkin. They said no, they lived in an apartment complex. I thought I could compost it, and roast the pumpkins seeds – or put them out for the birds.

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