The Soul of a Vet

Vets and State Gravestones
I had a nightmare last night. In the dream, I went to go take some pictures of beautiful birds at a bird sanctuary. While there, a woman came and took Petey and Spin from the truck. They were gone. I found the woman, and she even admitted that she had done this, but she smiled, and said “I would never get them back…they would be on the Today Show the next morning, up for adoption.”

The loss, the frustration, the silent scream…I was frantic. And then I woke up, and Petey and Spin were there. I stayed with them today.

Some dog walks at the War Memorials on the mall.

The Korean War Memorial – the long walk and the summary

The Vietnam War Vet Memorial

The World War II Vet Memorial – the state gravestones

The DC War Memorial
The dogs paused for a drink from the WWII water fountain.

About 25-40% of all homeless people are vets – most of whom live lifestyles not unlike mine – those that mirror basic survival, with encampments, and frequent travel. Most of this group, like me, are intrigued with figuring out how things work, putting things together, taking them apart to make something new out of it. Some fraction of this population suffer from substance abuse, but I don’t always attribute their homelessness to the substance abuse. Many times, I see the reverse causality – a lack of social validation leading to gratification using other means. Most of us are solitary types, preferring to live independently as much as possible.

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