Rent – 3 days late


Payment sent R203633857010

It was pretty much the day from hell. I wake up to go look for work on Latino street, and am serenaded by a very persistent guy. I suppose there is more than one way to trying to dissuade someone from trying to work. A little later, someone picks up 2 guys. I ask him “No necessite usted un otro?” He shakes his head. Finally, a couple of guys agree to give me a try on some yardwork after a couple of latinos had already said no. They wanted to know if I was strong enough. Give me a shot, I replied. So they did. Well it turns out they were a high tech lawn service, and while it felt powerful to wield a leaf blower for an hour instead of a rake, it also betrayed my conscience to do this. They had 30 lawns to do in 2 days. At $10/hour, they wanted someone with more experience. As they drove me back to go get someone more experienced, I’m having to listen to stories about chickens being excoriated with their hearts still beating.

So, I pick up a deer and a pumpkin squash on the side of the road on the way back to get my dogs. The deer must have weighed over 100 pounds and I needed help to get it into the truck. When I get back, after looking up how to process the deer (pretty horrific looking actually), I get yelled at for having it in view of the street. I packed and split. So, a deer waiting to be processed by someone. Hopefully, the deer did not die for nothing.

I’m a roady again. I guess I won’t be voting.

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