A Golden

Down in Alabama now. There was a golden retriever on the interstate 59, crossing the highway traffic back and forth. I stopped at the median that has a drive through,

and put a little food out for the dog. The dog will require regular feeding by an officer at that drive through for a few days probably before it can be caught. It’s about 1000 feet southbound on 59 before the county sign.

Maybe someone can train the dog to go to one side or the other. It seems to prefer the median.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind the sound of traffic, there is space for a tent in the woods on the median. A little camp cooking overnight, might get the dog to come.

Update: I went back to the site last night after a day in Birmingham. I stayed out there for about 90 minutes with food and water outside of the pickup. No sign of the dog.

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