I made a trip out to Tuskegee to visit the cultural center there. The center archives and studies various topics relating to the Macon county history: natural, indian, civil rights, and legal. It also documents the horror of the Tuskegee experiment: an experiment that was performed in 1932 when 623 poor african americans offered health care from the government were secretly diagnosed with latent syphilis. They were deliberately denied both knowledge of their disease and treatment so that the government could monitor the effects of the disease despite the fact that a cure was available. They never gave their consent, nor were they told they were in a study until the story broke in July, 1972.
There were several insightful archives on display:
1. Requirements for the study.
2. Why Macon county?
3. The Apology

Questions to ask your government:
1. What is my blood sugar?
2. What is my blood pressure?
2. What is my A1c?
3. Where is a cure?

These were the original 4. Let me add another one:
Why is there a 50% concordance rate on the development of type 1 diabetes in identical twins?


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