A Holiday for Dogs: Part 1 of 4

Dogs given ivermectin; caliper part returned and rent paid. Walmart money order: R203589637141.

I finally found a place that would let me in: Zeke fund at the city pound in Brookshire, Tx. Working with the rescue, we got them all some extra food, straw,
and some plastic barrels for them to crawl into. I think that I need a harness to reliably give them bike rides. Most of them aren’t even used to being walked!

This quite young one is full of energy. He is a blank slate – if you want to take pride in training a dog from scratch, this one is for you! Not yet used to a collar or a leash, he nevertheless responds to treats and affection.
After we got used to the leash, I took him for a short little spin on the bike.

1. Ruchi – which is the first person singular possessive of ruach (the Hebrew word for spirit).
Quite playful, and full of energy, this one is gentle and has a history of ownership. Although also not used to a collar or a leash, she went out for a bike ride, and is a little more gently led. She returns pretty easily to where the food is. Smart, she has figured out how to get out of her kennel, although we aren’t really sure how she does it. She seems to get along with Ruchi as the 2 of them ran around the kennel together.

2. Yadkha – short for Beyadkha – which means “into your hands” in Hebrew.

Male dog with some spare energy! Good lookin dog who Would appreciate regular bike rides with a harness.

3. Emet – truth in Hebrew.

This one is a real sweetie. Playful and affectionate, I didn’t try her on the bike because she was a little smaller than the others – the collar might have slipped.

4. Shema – hear in Hebrew.
Dog company for watching stars at night.
These 2 dogs are sisters from the same litter and housed together. A little on the fearful side, I was able to get in
and put a collar and a leash on one in spite of her fear, and finally lead her out. Her sibling went out first. The
dogs appreciated an all u can eat event, and a romp in the yard. These two should be pretty easily trainable.

5. Lailah – which means night in Hebrew

6. Or – which means light in Hebrew
picture not yet available
7. Muna – short for emunatecha – which means faithfulness in Hebrew.

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