A Holiday for the Dogs: Part 3

I went down to the city pound again.  It’s going to get cold again tonight – some extra food would be nice.  The guys had a plumbing problem down there so the water is shut off.  I cleaned out 6 of the kennels, and let 6 dogs out for some time in the sun.  A real holiday would be nice.

Hurting and a Paw (Makom, the Hebrew word for place)

Some pretty adjusted smaller male dogs.  Full of energy.  The black one gets out of his kennel pretty easily.  They play well together.  Makom and Halak (the Hebrew word for walk).

Shamayim (the Hebrew word for heaven), the male dog below, is an absolute sweetheart, but has probably never or rarely been out of his kennel.  He required about 5 minutes to coax out, and then went right over to be next to the dog that he knew in the neighboring kennel.  With a little bit of work, he began socializing to the other dogs in the kennels, and finally was coaxed out into the sun where he did fine around people and started to warm up.   A half hour later he was running around in leaps and bounds…

Esther (the Hebrew word for hidden).  This female dog is small and very gentle with people.  Her heatlamp doesn’t work, and when she got out of her kennel, she ran out and into one of the doghouses outside.  Although she didn’t know me, she allowed me to gently go in and pick her up.  A real sweetheart who needs her spirit lifted for a change.

Chofesh (pronounced cHofesh with a soft back of the throat c in front of the H is  Hebrew for freedom).  This dog was full of energy, and when let out romped around the yard with another dog very playfully.  The other dog asserted rank, and he took it, and they continued playing.  He was very very happy to stretch his legs.  He would be a great dog, with little need for social adjustment once out.

Chaverah or Yedidah (the Hebrew word for female friend) depending on who adopts her.  This dog was let out very briefly before they kicked me out of the pound to go get plumbing parts.  She is a relatively small dog and responds very well to people.  She has been there a long time.

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