The Other Side, Court papers FAXED, and more birds


It is supposed to be a hard freeze tonight – several hours followed by another one tomorrow night.  All of the growing vegetables are safe – I brought them in.

I went ahead and put in the pads on the passenger wheel.  Looking and measuring the rotor, I did not see a significant difference between the old one

and the new one,

so without touching the new one, I took off the old one, and put it back on, repacking the old bearings with new grease. 

The only really tricky part about this work was pushing the old caliper piston back.  This was accomplished with a C-clamp.  It really has to go all the way back for the new pads.

The old pads maybe had 1 month left on them.

Everything was cleaned up with carb cleaner, and of course I put the brake grease on the outside of both pads so everything wouldn’t squeak when pressed.  Technically, I maybe should have machined the rotor (it’s about $15/rotor), but the rotor that was on there seemed pretty clean and new.  I’l  see how it feels when I drive it, and machine it if I have to. 

Trying to connect the brake hose, I am somehow missing my brake hose bolt.  I got a new one for $3.75 so I could finish the job.  Now I just need to understand why the truck won’t start.  The relay works (horn), but the solenoid isn’t clicking.  It might be the contacts at the battery.  They really only need to touch for the relay to click.  Possibly the negative cable isn’t working to the starter.  It’s hard to trace.  To test, maybe:

disconnect starter positive on starter and see if panel lights up on dash with battery connected and ignition key turned halfway.

repeat with starter negative disconnected on starter and positive connected.

repeat with both disconnected and battery connected.

try to jump off of the alternator to see if the battery terminal connection is the problem.  I don’t want to strip the battery terminals but the negative cable has to be disconnected everytime I connect or disconnect anything from the starter.  The problem is the ends of 4 of the cables were either rebuilt or the grommets stripped down. 

All of my documents and receipts were FAXED to the court after considerable difficulty tracking down the receipts with the following letter:

Dear Sir or Madam:

 After contacting the court regarding ticket # … incurred on 9/1/11, I was told to provide receipts for the work that was done.  Both receipts were faxed directly to you today (1/12/12), the taillight receipt faxed directly from Davidson Auto Parts, 622 Grimes Blvd, Lexington, NC 27292.  The windshield receipt was faxed directly from Jordan Auto Salvage in Dilliner, PA.  The contact for the windshield in accounting is Laura Beth 1 724-943-3522.  The contact for the taillight is Jennifer 1-336-313-0428.  Both have confirmed that the receipts were FAXED directly to the courthouse.

I hope that the court is satisfied.  This has not been an easy matter to resolve as I am currently staying warm in the South.  This ticket was associated with another ticket – the cracked taillight and the cracked windshield were 2 separate tickets.  I don’t have the number for the other ticket.


Some new birds in the area:

Did a little anatomy work on the skeletal system:

Right pectoral (shoulder) girdle, Anterior view (level 2)

Right pectoral (shoulder) girdle, Posterior view (level 2)

Right scapula (shoulder blade), Posterior view (level 2)

Right upper limb (level 2)

Right humerus in relation to the scapula, ulna, and radius, Anterior and Posterior views (level 2)

Right ulna and radius in relation to the humerus and carpals, Anterior and Posterior views (level 2)

Articulations formed by the ulna and radius, Medial view in relation to humerus (level 2)

Articulations formed by the ulna and radius, Lateral view of proximal end of ulna (level 2)

Articulations formed by the ulna and radius, Inferior view of distal ends of radius and ulna (level 2)

Right wrist and hand in relation to the ulna and radius (level 2)

Bony pelvis (level 2)

Right hip bone, Detailed lateral view (level 2)

Right lower limb (level 2)

Right femur in relation to the hip bone, patella, tibia, and fibula (level 2)

Right tibia and fibula in relation to the femur, patella, and talus, Anterior view (level 2)

Right foot, Superior and Inferior views (level 2)

The arches of right foot (level 2)

Spanish log:

Estoy un poca deprimida porque no tengo transporte y debo ir ochos kilometros cada camino por bicicleta para usar la computadora.  Ayer, mi hermano es venido y nosotros fuimos al supermercado a comprar las verduras: mais, papas, tomates, espinacas, peras, manzanas, lecha, y queso.  Mi hermano mi compro un rotor para mi cocho pero no lo necesitas.  El viejo rotor era bastante grande.  Puse nuevas pastillas de freno en los frenos.  Fue muy bonito de el.  Esta noche, sera frio.  Todos los animales necesitaran mas alimentos.

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