Not much time

Dogs in need

No internet access except at library (5 mile bike ride each way).  I was able to download the oral version of Genesis to work on Hebrew (it gives me something to do on the days that I don’t bike in). 

The truck problem is tricky.  Jumping off the alternator did not work.  The solenoid clicks without the power pack, but that’s about it.  Anything connected to the battery or alternator decreases the amount of current that goes to interior panel (it is dimmer when I turn the switch).  So, it is as if there is a switch that blocks current when the battery senses a connection.

Tried downloading a C compiler for my linux box.  Wasn’t sure that I had the right decompression software for the version that I have, but it turns out I have both bunzip2 and gunzip, so it worked and I untarred everything.  When I try to configure though, I get:

configure file looks for existing gcc or cc compiler.
fails to configure under either ./configure –with-included-gettext or ./configure –disable-nls
checking for a sed that does not truncate output… /usr/bin/sed
checking for gawk… gawk
checking for gcc… no
checking for cc… no
checking for cl.exe… no
configure: error: in `/root/bin/gcc4-62/gcc-4.6.2′:
configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH

I’ll try to read some more, but it seems like it should by default figure out the right target on most systems.  Maybe not mine???

Otherwise, I do get NPR.  I was able to get a mic setup to record 2 classical pieces from the young artists concert (this Saturday at Rice):  one chinese, and Handel’s Passacaglia so I can study them a little. These are chamber music, not full symphony orchestras. 

This weekend everyone is planting trees in the parks.  Unfortunately, I don’t have transportation to participate.

Spanish log:

Me adapto temporalmente a la vida sin coche.  Para mi, esto significa uno reduccion en el tiempo en internet a aproximadamente 10 horas por semana.  Dedico el gran parte de este tiempo ya sea por escritar o estudiar.  Estos diez horas, se associan a cincuenta kilometros de ciclismo par ir a la biblioteca.  Otro vez, tengo algunos proyectos nuevos: tratando de arreglar mi ordenador roto (Soldando una conexión), y tratando de instalar un compilador de c de modo que yo pueda programar.  Tambien quiero buscar una programa que se puede traducir  música que escucho en la música de piano por lo que puedo aprender a escribir la música.


Structure of a typical synovial joint (level 2)

Right shoulder (humeroscapular or glenohumeral) joint, Anterior view (level 2)

Right shoulder (humeroscapular or glenohumeral) joint, Frontal view (level 2)

Right elbow joint, Medial aspect (level 2)

Right elbow joint, Lateral aspect (level 2)

Right hip (coxal) joint, Anterior view (level 2)

Right hip (coxal) joint, Frontal section (level 2)

Right hip (coxal) joint, Posterior view (level 2)

Right knee (tibiofemoral) joint, Posterior deep view (level 2)

Right knee (tibiofemoral) joint, Sagittal section (level 2)

Right knee (tibiofemoral) joint, Anterior deep view (level 2)

Clinical problems:  sprained joints, lyme disease, arthritis, torn ACL in dogs


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