Yom Sheni (the second day) and a lead

Spent some time fixing the connection on my computer,

The leads had become so fragile that I was afraid to move it, much less put it in my backpack.  So the ends had been stripped, and I was wrapping the wires at the end to the connector, but finally there was no more wire on the connector, just the soldering, so I had to use a  clip to hold ground wire on.  It was time for some repair work, if I wanted to ever move the laptop…

I got out the soldering iron ($3.95) and some solder, using the clip to keep the connector from rotating while I worked.

Figuring out which lead to connect to which soldered end has to be carefully considered.  The outside is grounded, so the soldered end that connects to the metal part of the connector is the right end. 

Unfortunately, I took a picture of the connector with the leads in the wrong order below. 


but I got it right when I actually went to solder them!

The excess wire would later be cut back with scissors, but the main trick is to make sure that the 2 ends never touch anywhere.

Obviouosly, one wants to wrap the ends…

And then carefully test first the connector with a surge protector to make sure the green comes on, without having it connected to the computer power supply.

And then finally, power up the computer for the final test. 

The battery doesn’t work on the computer, so the computer will not power up unless the power cord is connected.

Although the soldering was hardly a beautiful job, the connector is now really pretty robust, and I am pleased that everything works, and I can take the computer to town for internet access.

I also spent some time trying to get a compiler to work on my linux box.  Neither gcc 4.6.2 nor gcc 3.0.1 compile, and yes the object directory is not in the gcc file tree, and the path has been set to the gcc file tree:

export /bin:/…/root/bin/gcc4.6.2

echo $path

returns a good path.

The install file complains that the environmental variable CC has not been set to a compiler.  It can’t find cc or gcc.  Somehow, it must be set like windows, you already have to have a compiler on the operating system to put in a new one.  I may try a different programming language like basic or fortran.  When I do a global find on all directories greping cc into a cc.out file, I can’t find anything with a compiler in it, although there are some fortran references.  Maybe fortran will work.  I don’t remember working with pointers in fortran.  Reinstalling an operating system failed also because I guess the CD/DVD drive couldn’t be read.

Thinking a little about my truck problems – I have kind of decided that with it just sitting there, I may as well use it as an opportunity for exploration.  Doing an autopsy on the engine and transmission, at my skill level, is probably a death sentence for the truck, but I might learn something.  Not quite ready to make that leap yet, so I’ve decided that I will autopsy the starting system, something I am a little more confident I can put back together.  Take out the ignition, and coil and wires and see if I can put them back together.

Car talk is a pretty fun program on Saturday mornings on NPR, and they made an interesting comment the other day – defining one’s goals in car work:

Goal 1:  Don’t hurt yourself.

Goal 2: Don’t break anything that isn’t already broken.

Goal 3: Maybe fix something.

Still there is no point in having a car or truck in my condition if you aren”t going to work on it.  So, it helps to keep a sense of humor and take what value the truck has (educational, and it can probably be driven with minor modifications, and of course it can be slept in by 1 person and/or dogs).

I did the next paragraph of Genesis – the second day.  It is supposed to take 1 year to do the whole Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus, Deuteronomy).  At about 50 chapters/book, and 5 books, this comes to about 1 chapter a day not including saturdays.  I am nowhere near this pace.

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year, so I’m determined to do a little work on Chinese

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