The 4th Day: Constellations, Sunrises, and Moons

Yom Reviyi

I’m working on a few projects.  Measuring the voltages with a DVM at the battery, the voltage drops from 12.58V to 12.15V when I turn the ignition key half way. 

The solenoid clicked once and then never again.  The headlights turn on. 

 Under the truck the voltage reads 12.58V on the hot post, using the starter bolt as ground.  The negative post on the starter reads a stable 0 when referenced to the starter bolt.  I don’t want to arc the battery by trying to read both posts simultaneously.  The water level is ok on the battery:

The voltage between all cells is ok:

And the resistance between cells is unmeasurably high so no cells are shorted:

I’m trying to make a bike carrier for Petey so that he won’t have to run 10 miles in to the library with me on the bike.  He needs the exercise for his organs (heart and kidneys), but it is hard on his feet with the deformity. 

Still, Petey loves to come and run, and weighing the 2 sides, I worry that his heart and kidneys will give out before he develops arthritis in his feet.  Using a 18 gallon container from Walmart, some bungee cords, and a rack.  I cut 2 stabilizing bars for the back, but need to get bolts to put them into the rack through the container.  Because the vessel is so tall, it needs to be stabilized (probably with wood) on the sides, and behind.  Metal might cause injury.

I spent a lot of time taking pictures of the stars last night and looking at the constellations. 

I also filmed the sunrise on the farm this morning after listening to the birds for a bit.  And later that day, a sunset, as I biked back.

Trying to get a puppy linux version up and running with a compiler.  I downloaded a dev_sfs file (devx-k2.6.25_400.sfs.md5.txt) and a few different iso versions of Puppy (puppy-215CE-Final.iso, puppy-4.2.1-k2.6.25.16-seamonkey.iso, puppy-2.17.1-nolzma-seamonkey-fulldrivers.iso, wary puppy, and ) onto my flash drive ($8).

I’ve decided to film a spanish amnesty letter after writing it out, like I am doing with Hebrew.  I’ll work on that this week-end.  There was a very interesting NPR show on immigration. 

Thinking about my resolution work, I’ve decided that in terms of meeting people, not only will losing weight help, but getting some nicer clothes will also help.  So, I would like to sew some pants from fabric prints.  Probably dark, and robust fabric will work best for my current weight.  The only winter shoes that I have are my black tennis shoes, so the pants will have to match this.  My feet are not in any condition to wear a hard sole or elevated heel.

Este semano, lluvie.  Fue un chubasco grande y tambien tornados.  No obstante, no hace agua en la abra pequenia.   Es por que una persona construya un dique.  El domingo pasado, hecho lavadero.  Pienso que necessito un pantalones nuevo.  Tengo solamente tres pantalones y uno de esse no es en un estado bueno.  Espero comprar una bella tela para coser un pantalones.

Estabe infirma con la gripe por un dio.  Mi hermano es venido y me ayudar fuer y comprar comestibles y medicamente para mi diabetes.  Tengo suerte hacer un hermano tal el.  Probo constuir un estante para mi bicicleta por que mi perro Petey no debi correr dies y seis kilometros cada tiempo nosotros fuimos a la ciudad.

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