The 5th day: Birds and Fish

Yom Chamishi and the smaller animals (birds, fish, snakes, and spiders)

A little analysis here:

The truck:

1.  Put battery in another truck and see if it works.  I don’t think enough current is getting from the battery.

2. Swap hot cable with old one and see if it works.  I don’t think this is the problem because the new hot cable worked ok – not perfectly, but it worked.

3.  The problem began discretely after driving it, and having it sit overnight.  I think there is a regulator between the ignition and the battery.  I had a similar experience in Arkansas with the truck, when the engine began to cough after an internet post alone at night in the library parking lot.  So, take the steering column apart and see how this looks.

The bike rack:

1.  Drill holes for the bolts (small).

2.  Need washers to distribute the weight of the bolts.

3.  Stabilize side walls and back with wood.


I really am starting to lean more toward Greek.  I am interested in the fact that the Greek civilization and the Hebrew civilization coevolved.  So, learning to read Greek might allow me to understand cross-references a little better.   It is not as useful as Chinese, but possibly will incorporate linguistically a little better into languages I already know. 


I guess I should refine what I am looking for in a partner.  Some probable attributes:

a) an introvert (probably). 

b) more driven by vision and dreams than money or popularity.

c) independent – ability to deal with periods of separation.

d) an explorer

e) child rearing – gentleness, ability to be childlike, humor.

Some things that should probably not be on their list of pet peeves:

– some level of external disorganization

– illness

– occasional nonviolent intense outbursts of anger (a latin or female african american mama temper that can, on occasion, flare up).  The good news is that I can let go and forgive pretty easily and move on.

I kind of found a couple of examples of people I find attractive (John O’ Donahue or a female pianist who recorded an album and talked about her music – I’m  trying to remember the name  or the album).  I’ll post some more as I find them.  In terms of work, I think that nat geo explorers are probably pretty interesting people.

Probably in terms of measurable goals: Go on a date.  Lose some weight.  Choose some fabric for some pants.

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