A Dell Finding a Voice

A full moon last night, and an interesting view of Venus.  It was the first clear sky in a while, after the rain.

Another cold 5 mile hike in this morning for 2 and 1/2 hours of computer time.  A racoon or skunk probably woke me up this morning at dawn so that I would make it.  My bike had a flat, and the pump leaked air, and then it rained last time and was dark with the coyotes, so I got a lift back and left my bike in town.  I only really worry about the coyotes with the dogs.  Anyway, today I’ll bike back so I don’t have to walk. Maybe spend a little time at the hardware store so I can work on some of my other projects.  It might freeze tonight, and I’m a little worried because I put some (but not all) of the vegetables in the ground.  Will probably need to cover them.  The very little ones might not make it.

I opened up the computer with a short.  The screws were pretty much superglued into the case, and I am not sure that it will go back together well, but I extracted the hard drive.  In the course of playing with things, I found 2 sticks of 256MB RAM in a laptop.  I had previously tried one of the sticks on the Linux box with the 128MB stick, but it had not worked.  This time, I took out the 128 MB stick, and put in both 256 MB sticks.  It worked! and the system now runs relatively lightning quick.  Although first pup does not recognize the printer (it maybe that using a different port would work, I’m using the USB port, but a serial or parallel port interface might work), it seems to have a driver.  Both Lucid 5.2.5 and Suse 9.3 on the old box can print.  This allowed me to remove pictures (for space) and print out 90 pages from the book (about 1/2 of it).  I’m now out of ink, but at least I have a stable 1/2 copy I can edit by hand.  The word processor simply doesn’t work well with that big a file with pictures, so I divided the file into 4 parts, and printed out the first 2.  This took a while.  The files transfer easily between Suse and Lucid using either ODT or RTF format.  Suse can read a .doc file, Lucid does not without a pet package.  I’m sure I can find one.  ODT works better than RTF for saving the references (they convert to latin numbers with the RTF).  I have not been able to get sonic visualizer to work on any system.  It used to work on Suse 9.3, and also on Windows, but it isn’t working on Lucid.  I probably need a pet package file translator that can handle a Deb file (a compiled linux debian file).  It loads onto the system menu, but just fails to launch the gui?  The logical thing to do is check top to see if the process is running.  I’m guessing not – the program probably throws an exception when it can’t launch the gui, and quits.

One thing I really like about Lucid is that it has a battery monitor. I could not find one on First pup.  So, I took a picture of the stats on the battery.

I tried a couple of different languages on Lucid with the computer.  French works really well.  Spanish needs some work – there is not much translated!!!

Downloaded a C program and a Java program from this programming site to try them out on the compiler.

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