Fixing Some Dog Problems

 Did some work on the bike carrier. Basically got the last set of 4 brackets from the hardware store, and screwed them into the 2 recycled 2×4‘s that I cut, and then attached that to the first section. In terms of attaching the carrier to the bike rack, I used 2 holes that were already there, and put in what I could, which was two 1“ wood screws through those holes and into the wood. I would have rather used bolts so that the system could be easily dismantled, but I didn’t have a drill. Using the bungee cords to attach the container, the system is pretty stable.

Realistically, though, I should probably drill some holes through the back of the rack. I took the bike out for a test ride with Petey. Right now, my only complaints are:

1) the system (with Petey in it) puts a lot of weight on the back of the bike, so it seems like the bike is doing a wheelie. I think I can move it forward a few inches or so, and this may help, but it will involve taking the wood screws out.

2) getting petey in and out of the carrier is not easy because I don’t have a kickstand.

3) in retrospect, i wish I had used a woman’s bike. it is very difficult to get my leg over the bar with the carrier on and petey inside it.

 still, it rides with some stability. i definitely wouldn’t want the bike to fall, though. the whole system was about $8 in parts, and pretty necessary at this point because my backpack buckle is almost completely broken putting the full weight of the pack onto my shoulders. Not comfortable.

My brother came over with his son for the long weekend.  He wanted to work on some of his projects, and his son was sick.  He brought a drill with him, and managed to drill a hole completely through his finger and nail with a 1/8″ bit while working on his project.  Ouch!!!  He patched it up with some toilet paper and electric tape, and kept working.  It must have really hurt!

Drills can be dangerous.  I later borrowed his drill, since the one that I was using still wasn’t put back together (movie of problem).  I got bolt holes drilled through the rack and wood, and put in some bolts.  Basically moved the whole system forward 2 inches so it wouldn’t be so weighed down in the back. 


Not as stable as with the wood screws, but I can technically take it down pretty easily.  I need to get longer bolts and lock nuts.  The ones that I have are 2 1/2 inches.  Just barely long enough.  I rode it in today, putting my backpack in it with the drill to fix the fence with the unneutered pitbull.  Still, haven’t ridden it for long distances with Petey while holding Spin’s leash.  It’s a lot of weight.  Works for an emergency, and maybe at the end of the day, when Petey is too tired.  I have to admit, it is pretty bulky, and pretty hard to get on and off the bike now.

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