Some Greek Words

Notes on Greek work:

learned vocabulary, pronunciation, and gender for 20 words.
in terms of moving forward:
a) need to learn the English equivalent of the declension cases:

singular             plural

So, coming to an example in each case with a Greek word that I know:  biblion (book)

nom.  The book is at the library.                                          βιβλίο, βιβλία

gen.   The book’s return date is in the back.                     βιβλίου, βιβλίων

dat.  I gave the book another try.                                      βιβλίο, βιβλίοις

acc.   I put the book in the return bin at the library.                   βιβλίο , βιβλία

voc. When are you ever going to finish the masterpiece, this book of yours?  βιβλίο, βιβλία

biblion is a neutral word.  So these are the singular examples, and plural is not too hard a stretch…So, I want to find the appropriate Greek word for biblion in each case.  I used the Google Greek translator and came up with the above, but I don’t think that it is correct.

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