Where is my helper?

The Help:  I want to go see this movie with my friend when we both have a little more time:  she is studying for her nursing exit exams next week.  It will be an interesting cross-cultural experience: the movie, and talking about the movie.  I wonder how we will each experience it?  Will it be awkward?

Genesis 2, 4th section, a lonely man and a helper? a woman

I’ve been hard at work doing domestic stuff – laundry, dishes, making a bed, cooking…

Mostly the pantry and little fridge in the room where I stay, although not empty, is a little heavy on the carb side.

As I walked the 5 mile road into town today with the dogs, I observed the herd of deer galloping through the little forest, 3 cardinals (male and female) and sparrows forming a flock, and the first of a new kind of seasonal bird.

A little up the road, the man who works on the neighboring farm stopped and asked me if I was stranded.  My pickup hadn’t moved in 2 months.  We talked for a bit, and later,  in the course of the conversation, he, in his slow southern drawl, apologized to me for yelling at me about the dogs.  He takes care of the cattle, and my dogs had chased them.  We said our apologies, and he offered me his hand, which I shook.  It’s the season for peace.

I have a friend coming to visit so there is an incentive to clean up, scrub hard, and cook a meal. I’ll spend a little cash on some groceries to cook a nice meal.

I did a little calculation on the potatoes.  20 feet containing about 15 little eyes, I guess, according to this site, I could get as few as 45 potatoes, and as many 135 potatoes, if I get a crop at all.

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