Musical Games

 I got 12 pieces of music downloaded from the itunes site, and then had to leave McDonald’s. It’s about an hour’s worth of music.  There were another 38 pieces to go, and then the 4 parts of Mozart’s Jupiter symphony. Downloading music takes quite a bit of time. Still, the 12 pieces that were downloaded were enough to get me started. I tried everything first in windows where I had downloaded the software. It worked but you have to enter a password. Then I booted linux and mounted the windows partition onto the linux system. I found the itune music files using the file browser, and was able to use the Gnome M player to create a playlist of the 12 pieces that I can loop, shuffle, or edit and save as a list onto my flash drive. So, now when I want to listen to these 12 pieces, all I have to do is mount the windows partition and click on the saved playlist. When I have a little more time, I will finish the download.

 I started to work a little on freeing up some space on my harddrive. This has been a large part of my problem. I was down to less than 400 MB of free space. I was able to increase the amount of free space to 1.95 GB which has made a little improvement in the performance of the windows system. Mostly, I found old programs that I didn’t need, and compressed some old files.

I have still been working on getting pup to recognize the camera. Using the setup utility on the desktop, it does recognize it as a Canon A400 (PTP mode), it detects it under ADD CAMERA and finds it on USB: When I look at the driver, it chooses the PTP2 driver (supports cameras that support PTP or PictBridge, and Media Players that support the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). When I try to read the files though it says: “error occurred in the io-library, could not lock the device. Camera is already in use.” It can even read the settings on the camera, but when it tries to read the memory card, it says “file unreadable”. I might be able to read the card with a card-reader (Targus), but the one that I had stopped working.

I guess a nice little programming project will be to write some code with a graphical user interface that will play random 5 second pieces from a playlist and quiz the user to:

 a) select the piece that it corresponds to.

b) answer questions about the composer.

c) identify the musical instruments in the section.

d) identify the notes of the music. Pick from 4 possible scores.

 I’ll call the game classical literacy. It will help me to develop an ear for what is unique about each piece, and also obviously develop my classical literacy. I guess that future projects might include porting the project over to other genres: bird songs, opera, modern classical, jazz, blues, hip hop, gospel, rock, country, music from different foreign languages (Latino, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, French, German, Chinese, African). One would have to develop top 50 lists of significant pieces for each genre. With the French one, I could start with Edith Piaf, George Brassens, Jacques Brel, and move up… Way down the line.

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