CV Work and Circulation: Preparation for the catheterization

The catheterization:  So, the questions that have to be answered at this point are:

1) Have I had, or am I having, a heart attack?

Interpreting an EKG.

2) How blocked are my arteries?

3) What is my cardiac output?

So, the equation is here.  One can measure blood pressure, and heart rate.  How does one get stroke volume?  There are some ideas about relationships between blood pressure differences and stroke volume, but I don’t think that they apply to me.

Invasively, this can be determined in the cath lab by injecting dye, and measuring the rate at which the dye moves or returns.

There are some simple approximations that might also be used, if one didn’t want an invasion…I get about 55 mL/sec  (cardiac output) or 33 mL/beat (stroke volume) with the above scheme, and 200 mL/sec (cardiac output) or 120 mL/beat (stroke volume) with this one.  I’m sure that the first calculation is more accurate, but not sure that it really is that accurate for me.

There are some normal range values listed here.  I’m below normal because of my weight, and surely even beneath this for other reasons as well.

4) Is there a circulatory reason for high blood pressure?

5) Are my valves working properly?

6) What is regulating the rate at which my heart beats? 

7) Are there weaknesses in my vessels that would threaten circulation?

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