Morning Glories and Climbing Fences: More Beds

Some beautiful new wildflowers on the way in today.  The fields were yellow.

Playing the setup program every day is a little like playing the lottery, you never know what you will get.  So, this day’s activities came up with:

1) environmental work

2) exploration

3) environmental work

4) personal relationships

5) writing

6) dog work

So, I cleared the next 2 20 square foot beds, and put in the Sweet Williams, snapdragons, and morning glories to climb the fence (I soaked them overnight before putting them in).

For the dog work, I gave my dogs an extensive evaluation.  I noted that Spin was scratching.  So, I did a skin scraping on both dogs.  Did not see anything except some fleas.  I inspected the dogs’ lymph glands and joints, their ears for mites, noted the color of their eyes and lack of discharge (looked good), and checked their teeth.  I also took their temperatures:  Spin came in at 101 degrees, Petey at 99.1 degrees (both ends of normal).

For the exploration work, I went fishing. 

I lost the bait the first couple of times I tried, but after about 20 min., I caught a 22 inch catfiish weighing 5.5 pounds with a piece of cheese.  I’m pretty sure this is my first fish caught as an adult.

Killing it was not easy with the steak knife (all I had), but I got 2 pounds of meat off of it that I cooked, and then boiled the head and carcas with 3 red potatoes, 2 carrots, some thyme, stewed tomatoes, and cabbage for about 5 servings of soup.

I had wanted to set aside about 5 hours for writing, but in the end, just really touched on the work by doing some research on angels for my book.

Tried to come up with some ideas for personality traits in people that I might want to date:  I guess they should probably be interested in the environment and wildlife.  That’s about as far as I got with it. 

The items in the list should at least be touched upon, even if I am too tired to make a really involved activity out of a category that day.

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