Wildflowers, Dog Liberty

Today’s list came out with:

1) Cleaning

Cleaned the cooking area (smelled like a fish market), washed linens, clothes, swept floor and started driveway.

2) Dog work

Both dogs given a bath, and treated with ivermectin for heartworm, fenbendazole for tapeworm, and a new product called liberty that cost $18 for 2 applications  (I got a big one and split it on Petey and Spin), but is supposed to be effective against fleas, ticks, flea eggs, larvae, lice, mites, and mosquitoes.  The dogs got a 5 mile walk into town today with me.

3) Computer work

4) Art/Music work

Downloaded some more composers (the V edition is missing from the encyclopedia).

5) World improvement

Emailed the East Texas school system and asked if they could send the kid with the best grades (there are 6 of them) home with:

a gallon of milk

2 cans of frozen orange juice

a bag of potatoes

a bag of apples

a bag of carrots

some dogfood

Asked for the bill, expecting to have to pay about $20 for this by money order.

6) Computer work

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