Dog work, Canis Major and the Big Dipper

I’ve been working on trying to find a place that will do a lab work up for lyme on Petey.  He caught it 2 years ago in New York, when I also had an exposure.  I had him tested and treated with one month of doxycycline.  Although he really LOVES to go for walks into town and back, and he does eat (especially people food), his appetite for dog food has changed.  He eats it, but his appetite is primarily stimulated by Spin’s interest in his food.

I want the IDEXX test, and the lab said it was $61, but I’d have to go through a vet.  With the cost of the antibiotics ($20), the $61 is really all I have, and yes, I do know how to draw blood on him.  I would like the quantitative Lyme test.  Because of his prior exposure to lyme, I think he will be positive on the antibody tests, so a quantitative C6 lyme PCR test might let me know if he is having a relapse.  I really would like to have a full tick panel run, to see what tick diseases we have probably both been exposed to.  Both of us are relatively functional, but since the change in appetite is recent, I’m interested in knowing if it a lyme relapse.  Of course, I could just do the antibiotics on him, but I don’t think it is the responsible way to go.

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