Trying to Formulate a Plan for Petey with Lyme

As I remember, we finished the trip about 1 month later.  The last day of the trip was an extremely long day (we walked across New York City – about 300 blocks) in 1 day with the 60 pound pack – sleeping on a park bench in battery park at the end.  The next day Petey was exhausted, anorexic, and showing joint sensitivity.  It had been 1 month, and this was about the time it would take for a lyme antibody exposure to show up on an antibody test. I payed to have Petey tested with a 4DX test for lyme.  He tested positive.  He was treated with doxy 2X a day for one month.  His symptoms resolved after 2-3 days.

So, 2 years later, I’m trying to figure out a plan.  He’s had lyme, so he is going to be antibody positive on a 4DX test.  No point in repeating that.  He needs a quantitative lyme C6 test to see if this correlates with symptoms.  His appetite for people food is pretty good, so I’m suspecting that the flare up (possibly initiated with a parvo vax) is resolving with a natural immune response, but antibiotics probably wouldn’t hurt.  Need to find some place that will take a blood sample without a vet visit, and send back results.  Also, need transportation to get the right blood collection tube, and then back to town the next day to submit the blood chemistry to the lab.  Maybe IDEXX will do the lyme test.  I think the 2902 test is the way to go.  Reading the lyme consensus statement for direction, and also some literature about canine lyme-related nephritis.  Also, want to do some blood chemistry (his urea and creatine levels were off before, I would like to have them now), and a proteinuria test (that I can do myself if I can catch the urine).  Because of the kidney issues, I have switched him to a lower protein people food diet – rice or mashed up potatoes, vegetables, and some fish, with a couple of cubes of canned dog food thrown in for excitement.

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