Some quick notes on world improvement.

Local public library was found to be quite lacking in African American literature – no James Baldwin, no ‘Autobiography of Malcolm X’, no ‘Native Son’ among the obvious.  I’ve decided to purchase the books from Amazon and have them delivered to the library.  I was trying to put together an English version of hypertense for the Frenchies, and started thinking about music – ideas that occurred where Sinatra, musicals, Elvis, Country Western music, Beatles.  So then I had think distinguish between British and American?  Finally, I decided on African American, but can’t find the books at the library.  Anyway, I’ve downloaded Etta James’ gospel 25 for the music with “Swing low, sweet chariot” and “This little light of mine” and “I’ll Fly Away” and “Blowing in the Wind” among others.  So, will work on setting up the English.

Was able to use VISA gift card purchased at grocery store.  Placed order on for:

1. The Fire Next Time (James Baldwin)

2. Native Son (Richard Wright)

3. The Autobiography of Malcolm X (Malcolm X and Alex Haley)



Otherwise looking for mailing addresses for donations for tornado and Indonesian earthquake relief.  Could not use gift card, will have to send cash.  I’ve got just over $100 to solve all of my problems, but there are others who also have needs…Will send a little their way.  Sent cash wrapped in paper saying “To alleviate suffering.”  The tornado relief was a 45 cent stamp, the Terre des Hommes site was a $1.05 in postage marked AIRMAIL on the envelope, and sent from the post office.

Picked some wildflowers for parent’s friend who has stage 4 lung cancer.

Thoughts are with my friend who lost one of her closest friends to breast cancer this week.

More thoughts are with my friend whose mother can no longer live alone with Alzheimer’s.

A dog walk for my friend who just got out of the hospital with chest pain.

A short little catch-up chat with my cousin.  Saw beautiful pictures of her grandkids, and had an update on her sister´s recent hospital stay.  We had been anticipating a get-together, but she had gotten sick, and then I had gotten sick, so I wanted to be extra careful not to hurt her.

Everyone in my phone got a phone call or visit wishing them a Happy Passover or Easter this week.  Only one more phone day left, will use it to try to set up Petey’s labwork.

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