Books, Human Rights, Orphans, Chimps and Gorillas

Over the past couple of days, a couple of projects have come to my attention that might benefit from the hyper-tense programs.

1) a book project for orphans in Uganda.

2) a new school built in Kenya next to the Dadaab 20 year old Somali refugee camp.  This BBC broadcast (last night) was quite interesting.  It contrasted the hopelessness of the very expensive world aid machine that produced the camp, with a neighboring town where they converted a school under a tree into a 3 story self-built building without international aid.  It noted that 20 years later, the people in the camps tragically still cannot integrate into the population.

A map of the colonial languages of Africa

Obviously I am passionate about wildlife conservation, and I believe that programs like the hyper-tense programs can help to educate without the environmental cost of transportation.  One pretty infected laptop that is set up to project the language program onto a screen in front of a bunch of kids with chalk and slates, might be a pilot project.  The fact that the program runs from linux, means it would be pretty resistant to most viruses.  I think that Jane Goodall’s institute is located in Uganda.  Too hot to visit, and well, anyway, I have dogs, but I think someone with  an anthropological or sociological background would be a great candidate to pick a date for me.  A little distance from society would probably go a long way toward finding a good mate.

Some thought towards some human rights issues, now that we are talking about Uganda (as far as I can tell, the principle colonial language in Uganda is English) and also Gambia (the smallest mainland African country, the principle colonial language is Portuguese).

1. Ugandan situation and human rights letter

2. Gambia situation and human rights letter




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