These are the notes that I have taken on Petey’s situation.  Overall, I think that the wound is healing, and am optimistic about healing.  The first pictures don’t look as bad because I wasn’t using the flash.  In retrospect, I might have included a ruler in the pictures.  I have used Pen G on him before, so I was pretty sure that he would not have an anaphylactic reaction to it.  If I were going to set up a protocol, though, I would do what I very often do in the past which is go to a hospital parking lot to do the injection and wait 30 minutes, in case there is a problem.  Otherwise, I followed the dosing instructions on the bottle (by the pound), which are pretty significantly different from the dosing instructions on the web page.  My experience is that these instructions produce healing.

day 1 9:00am wound oozing.  Picture taken after flushing with saline and iodine.  At least 1cc of discharge removed.  10 mile walk run in the sun.  Urination and appetite good.

day 1 9:30pm   T=101.9F   1/3cc Pen G subQ  (at nape, not at site).  pic of wound taken.

day 2 9:30am  T=100.2F   wound inspection reveals no discharge, but sensitivity.  Picture taken.

day 2 9:00pm.  T=100.5F.  4/10 cc Pen G subQ.  Rested all day.  Appetite good.  Site sensitive, but no discharge.  Picture taken.

day 3 9:00am.  T=101.0F.  Rested all night.  Occasional brief panting twice during the night.  This is not unusual for him even without a wound.  I generally rub his chest, and he rewards me with a kiss.  Site sensitive. 0.1cc discharge (cumulative). noted from multiple sides of site.  Reflushed site with iodine/saline at 4 different locations.  Picture taken after flushing.  Good urination.  10 mile walk/run in sun.  Eyes sparkle, and generally has good disposition with the exception that he protects the site by lying on it.

day 3 8:30pm T=101.2F.  0.4cc Pen G subQ.  Trimmed parts of scab that had come up. A tiny bit of discharge noted.  Fed regular dog food with milk to maintain kidney hydration.  Always has low sodium broth or milk added to food.  Very good appetite.  Picture taken of wound.

day 4 9:30am T=100.8F.  Very good rest.  About 0.2 mL discharge noted from one part of wound.  Picture of wound.  Rested quietly all day.

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