Flowers, Caterpillars, and Butterflies

Spent a little time with a needle and some thread sewing up some of my clothes that had tears in them.  I keep the garden watered, and also the 2 live young trees.  One of them had quite dramatically lost its leaves when I gave the dogs a shampoo under the tree.  But they grew back.  Will trim them in the next couple of days.

I made a diagram of the flower garden that I planted.

I  I  I  I  L  L  I   I                                   I  I  I  L L I   I  I  I
I  I R P R P R P I                                   I P R P R P R I  I
I  I  I  I  I  I  I   I  L                                 L I  I  I   I  I   I  I  I
                       L L L                        L L L
                       L L L                        L L L
        E E E S S S S S                       S S S S S E E E
I is a white impatiens, r a red one, p a pink one, L is a lily, S is a sunflower, E is an echinacea plant

The caterpillars are pretty fierce, and sometimes I come out and all the red flowers are gone or all the pink flowers are gone.  I gently take the caterpillars off the plants and move them out to the weeds.  They will turn into butterflies.  the lilies, sunflowers, and echinacea aren’t big enough to have flowers yet, in fact the echinacea hasn’t broken ground yet.  I used cows dung instead of potting soil there.

Then there is a bed of strawberries on the far right.  And I put in morning glories and sweet williams along the fence.  The morning glories haven’t blossomed yet, but they have climbed the fence very well, and I think they will.  Lots of sweet williams, but no blossoms yet.  One of the houses on the bike ride in (10 mile round trip) has morning blossoms in full bloom on their fence.  I took a picture.

The snakes are very often out on the dirt road that I bike down, so I am careful not to go down after dark.  I got some nice footage of a small one.

Many, many butterflies

and also some dragonflies, and a lizard extending its dewlap in a pulsating manner.


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