Memory Card Needed – or Maybe a Camera

The memory card stopped working on my camera, so no more pictures for a while.  I’ve tried changing the batteries, and also tried to reformat the card through the camera, finally I tried the card in another camera at the library, and it works there.  I’ve also tried blowing air in the slot where the card goes.  So, the problem is in the part of the camera that reads the card.  So, I guess it is electronic and in the camera.

Maybe try to open it up.

To be honest, the camera itself has always had its problems  – blurry pictures, but I eventually found out that the macro option works superbly.  I had bought it second hand for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial dedication, after my last one had disappeared.

I’m not completely without resource.  I have a cell phone camera, but the pictures will no longer be very high resolution.  So, since I have not had minutes on my cell phone in almost a month now, I will get some minutes to be able to take pictures, until I can fix or replace the camera.  I’ve kind of gotten used to not using the cell phone.  It is going to feel weird.

UPDATE: someone donated their son’s old digital camera.  I am checking this “new” digital camera out from the local public library.

In the interim, some pretty yellow lupine flowers appeared, some beautiful butterflies, today the thumbnail-sized white butterflies with black tracings on the back, and very exotically, many small frogs or toads.

The low gear fell off my bike.  It’s held on by 5 bolts and spacers.  I still have 2 of the rivets, and put 2/5 back in.  I don’t feel like it is strong enough to use this gear, but it is a specialty part, probably with pretty specific thread on the end of the bolt.

I’ve heard on TV that people will be dissecting frogs in school next week.  I hope the schools will honor any student who comes in with an already dead frog or animal that died naturally, to dissect as a substitute.  One should not have to kill an animal to get an education.

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